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Monika London for Congress


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I’m Monika London, Republican candidate for U.S. Congress for California’s Congressional District 34 in 2024.  

My hope as your representative is to continue to fight to defend our liberties and deliver justice to those promoting lawlessness, corruption and those who are threatening hard-won fundamental rights and freedoms.

Though these are challenges that we face as a country and throughout the globe, our work starts here at home.

I am the most vocal proponent of Term Limits because Term Limits are the surest way to curtail Rule of Law, Cooperation, and Corruption issues that manifest as Congressional malpractice.

Will you take a stand with me?
Please support my campaign to fight for you in Congress by making a donation today.

You can read more about my work in these publications.
A Leadership and Sustainability Initiative (2021) on World Health Organization (WHO)
A Leadership and Sustainability Initiative (2020) on EBSCOHOST
A Leadership and Sustainability Initiative (2019) on ProQuest
4th International Ag & Horticulture Advisory Committee (2020)

Thank you for your support.

Kind regards,

Monika London